Snap, crackle and POP !!

Graphic Design is the key element to a successful website. Clean, crisp, and impactful Graphics are the cornerstone to maintaining the interest of your potential clients and visitors.

Our Graphic artists have access to top high quality graphic design tools. We incorporate these tools into every single detail in order to bring our clients, professional websites.

At Grafe Studio and Design, we not only focus on providing high quality Graphic Design, we also maintain a philosophy of "Smart Graphic Design".

The last thing you want to do to potential clients, is bore them, when you should be impressing them. We constantly apply the methodology of "Quick and Simple". If your graphics take 16 minutes to load, your visitor is long and gone, and you just possibly lost a sale. We streamline and maintain our graphic librarys in order to be fast loading and quick to the punch. In the long run, this reduces load time to your clients as well as costly bandwith.

Our artists provide a plethora of services:

  • Logo Design
  • Header Design
  • Footer Design
  • Table Design
  • Background Imaging
  • Photoshop Imaging
  • Cropping / Resizing / Adjusting
  • Gallery Creation
  • Flash Headers, Panels and Logos
  • Movie Embedding
  • Sound Creation and Design

Our goals are not only to produce top quality and impactful media for your websites, but we work with you every step of the way to identify pallettes, colors, designs and concepts that meet your needs and your business needs.

(example of header layering)

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